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Chefs' Story

Practice Makes Perfect

Ever since I could remember, I've been in the kitchen.  I can remember when my mom was cooking Thanksgiving dinner for the family back in Jersey and I always wanted to help, when I was treated like a VIP visiting our family friend's restaurant and bakery and was served the best of the best strawberries & homemade whip cream, and I will never forget when I took a job in a restaurant for the first time.  I was basically raised in a kitchen and it's where I feel most comfortable.  With that in mind, I'm grateful that I was able to create LG Luxury Catering.  Starting in 2020, I have practiced & mastered my skills in southern comfort and Caribbean cuisine by serving the masses in the North Carolina area.  Coming from a hotel and hospitality background, acts of service are naturally my love language.  I aim to please and look forward to catering to you.

- Chef Greene


& Quality
Since 2020

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